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Everyone is different so why should their wedding photographs be the same? 

I want to show YOU, authentically YOU. 

I think its super important that you understand how I work as a photographer. It can feel really overwhelming planning a wedding and looking for a photographer, after all there is a lot of us! So I'm here to make it much easier for you. I want you to know me and my style so you know what you're getting and take away any of that stress or worry. 

You're excited about your wedding, and I'm excited to document it.

Being a wedding photographer is so much more to me than just a day of me being your photographer. Weddings are exciting, special, emotional and I feel it all along with you. Because at the end of the day, I feel like a friend. I am invested.

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I don't shoot what it looks like,

I shoot what it FEELS like

I'm a pretty chill and laid back person, which is how I approach your wedding day. I'm at the forefront when you need me and quietly doing my thing in the background when you don't. 

My approach


I'm not the kind of photographer to pose every single shot. Of course a little direction is needed sometimes, but no way I am posing every inch of you. Thats not my style. I'm not going to make you do anything that feels weird to you or not very 'you'. I don't want the moments between you forced. I'm there to capture all the cuteness of your wedding day as it happens. 

I want your personality to shine through

I'm not here to tell you to book me, of course I'd be over the moon to be your photographer. But we have to be good fit. You're here to (hopefully) find your perfect photographer, and I completely understand that you're going to look around and in fact actively encourage that!

We need to be a great fit and I truly hope we are. So go have a look around and then come back to me!

There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding day. So be true to yourselves, your wedding day should be everything you are as a couple.

I want you to look back on your wedding photos and be taken right back to the moment, and feel those feels all over again.

People are my passion. I love being around people. The energy they give off, their interactions with one another. Photographs may be a still of a moment in time but they tell us so much

 It’s my job to capture the moments that make your day uniquely yours. So, when you’re reminiscing, you’re transported right back, like it was yesterday. You’re going to cherish your photos forever. I never take this lightly.


So many people and couples come to me and say, "oh we're so awkward in front of the camera" or "I feel nervous about having out photos taken". 

Believe me when I say, ME TOO.


Don't worry I completely understand, which is why is not my style to overly pose or get in your face because I know that isn't the best way to get you to be yourself.

Capturing you naturally, relaxed and happy so we get to see you as you! And that's what we want, for you as a couple to shine through.


Let's talk engagement shoots.

I get it. You're still worried about all that awkwardness, but lemme tell you, they are not like that at ALL. It just you guys having a stroll with a 3rd wheel.


And if you're still worried about that believe me that's even more of a reason to have one. You'll feel so much more relaxed on your wedding day, we'll know each other, you'll understand more of what to expect and be so use to me snapping away that you won't even notice me by then.

So you've got a few questions right?

I'd love to hear from you so pop me an email, just don't forget to check your junk for a reply!


Got some questions?

I've answered some over here!

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